Paulette Donaldson is a massage therapist and working in the industry since the early 1980s and the late Peter Gosney was an aromatherapist extraodinaire and practicing since 2000. They met in 2005 and quickly became close friends. Paulette`s wide and varied massage experience including operating The Massage Clinic in Taupo since 2000 and running the "Massage Tent" at the Contact Lake Taupo Cylce Challenge since 2003 has allowed her to identify the quality of Peter`s superior products.  Paulette says, " Peter created a massage balm that acheived the best results for my clients in terms of managing old injuries, relieiving chronic pain and preparing for major sporting events. Better than any other product I had come across in 25 years of practice"  In 2008, Peter created a product range specifically for Paulette, tailored to her clients needs and Paulette lauched the brand Revive and Restore. Revive and Restore sponsors young Taupo atheletes and various sporting events as well as selling the Miracle Muscle Balm and Massage & Body Oil products to a range of clients from athletes to arthritic sufferers to phsysiotherapists and massage therapists. 


Revive and Restore Miracle Muscle Balm is an elite, high quality, all natural product that targets spot areas from new or previous injuries or imbalances from sport or work related overuse. It is great for preparing and repairing muscles, joints and ligaments pre and post sport events or activity.  It has also been identified to help with chronic pain and arthritic areas.

Revive and Restore is different from other products on the market as it is made from 100% active ingredients including the beeswax base.  The Miracle Muscle Balm is made up of 5% essential oils and is highly effective on target spots, while the Massage & Body Oil is 2% essential oils and can be used for full body massage.  Revive and Restore also offers a sweet almond oil product that when mixed with a small amount of balm is a cost effective way to use the Miracle Muscle Balm.


To produce the highest quality 100% natural Remedial and Sports balms & oils worldwide.

What do we do?           All our products are handcrafted in New Zealand from 100% natural and active ingredients.

How do we do it?          In order to do this we adhere to ethical standards and ecologically sustainable processes and refrain from any action, that could harm wildlife or community.

Why do we do it?          We are in the business for people who want to enhance the quality of their lives and health by using our products.

What makes us, us?     We are a small, family owned business who are passionate about the quality and effectiveness of our products and want to share these benefits with others, giving people choices that are good for their health.


Revive and Restore has proudly supported local events and athletes since 2008 and is the offical muscle rub for the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2013 & 2014 and Epic Swim and NZ open Water Swim Championship 2014.

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