Customer Survey Results

A BIG 'Thank You' to everyone who participated in our Customer Survey!!! Your feedback and suggestions will help us with rebranding our product line, streamlining our operational systems, improving our website, and so much more!

The results are displayed below. For the sake of anonymity we have decided to refrain from posting the answers to some of the questions that relate to customer demographics such as age, gender, location, physical conditions, etc. Due to some technical difficulties we could not retrieve the contacts to send the results to each participant individually, so we decided to post them on the website instead.

Feedback & Suggestions

"I have been very impressed with your product and have rec to other gym goers, colleagues at work..."

Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback and keep spreading the word.

"Keep up the awesome work my clients notice when I'm not using and I give most my balm to clients who not tried before and now they going to get more when run out of sample they feel it instantly when been applying"

Thank you for the lovely comments! The muscle balm is made for therapists by therapists, so we always appreciate the feedback. If you’re interested in wholesaling at anytime please get in touch.

"Congratulations on a beautiful product"

Thank you!

"It doesn't matter what the label looks like, as long as the product works"

Thank you for having so much faith in our product, and we promise the muscle balm won’t change a bit, just the branding.

"I don't know what you could improve with this product"

We appreciate you filling out our survey!

"I enjoy the product and have found it has more uses than just for muscles. Because of its natural products I am very happy to use it and share the product with others"

Thank you for the positive comments. Yes, we’ve also discovered that the muscle balm is great for SO many different things. Please keep sharing so we can keep making it.

"I can't live without this stuff! I've tried everything, I constantly have sore muscles. This is the first product that actually works and is natural too!"

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. It’s fantastic for sore muscles, be sure to use it a few times a day and the benefits will be phenomenal!

"Keep up the good work"

Thank you!

"Consider ancient healing"

Thanks for the feedback. We are always open to discovering new things and respecting all healing philosophies.

"A heat emitting balm that I could use on say my back would be awesome."

Thanks for your suggestion. A lot of the oils in the balm are naturally heat emitting such as peppermint, black pepper and ginger.

"Maybe advertise a lot more to get your name out as its an amazing product"

Thanks so much for the suggestion. Doing this survey is one of the first steps to doing so. We love the balm so much, we want everyone to be able to love it too!

"Don't change what works. Other mixes are fine just please don't change a great product."

Thanks for the feedback. Don’t worry! We won’t be changing our recipe at all, just the look of the labels.

"Yes, please add ancient magnesium oil to it. Muscles need magnesium to work!"

Thanks so much for the suggestion. We’ll definitely look into it, as magnesium is such a powerful source of health.