Essential Oils

The Therapeutic Benefits of Revive & Restore Miracle Muscle Balm

The Essential Oils

This is an infused oil, so not a true Essential oil. It’s pain relieving properties are legendary. It’s very well indicated for inflammations of the joints, sprains, strains, improving blood circulation and being good for muscle tissue.

This plant has been used for the fast healing of wounds, and knitting bones together since the sixteenth century. It is also indicated for rheumatic pains, and has a fortifying effect on the nervous system. It is cicatrisant; so helps with the correct formation and regeneration of all types of tissue. It is also well indicated for inflammations.

This oil stimulates blood flow, increasing nutrient-rich food for muscles. It subsequently helps with most muscular aches and pains.

This essential oil comes from the same family as the Chamomiles and is also known as Italian Everlasting and Everlasting. It does a huge amount of work around the body. It’s indicated for arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, bursitis, aches & pains, bruises, inflammation, scars, and blood pressure regulation. It also stimulates the Lymphatic system, along with Liver and Spleen. On an emotional level it helps with fear, shock, anxiety, phobias, and host of other things.

Another strong pain-reliever, being well indicated for strained muscles. It also combines with Sandalwood and Vetiver to produce a super-oil which has a strong affinity for connective tissue.

A good anti-inflammatory and pain relieving oil. Excellent for all muscular aches and pains, and it’s well indicated for muscle-wasting conditions.

This is a vegetable oil (non-volitile), and not an essential oil. The oil is used to attenuate scars, by reducing the redness or hyperpigmentation, reducing the formation of keloid scar tissue, and loosening up fibrous cords.

Not generally associated with musculo-skeletal areas of the body, except that it combines with Lemongrass and Vetiver to produce a super-oil which strengthens connective tissue. It also provides Lymph and Veinous stasis.

Spike Lavender
Spike is more effective for musculo-skeletal (and respiratory) conditions than the usual Lavender. It’s included in this blend for it’s very effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s well indicated for use on tight and sensitive muscles, and rheumatic pain.

This oil has an affinity for connective tissue, along with Lemongrass and Sandalwood. It is indicated for use on arthritic and rheumatic areas, as well as hypertonic and hypersensitive muscles.